What is the Future of Marketing Campaigns?

Marketing is an ever-changing industry. The rise of new platforms like Instagram and TikTok has changed the game in the way that you advertise, particularly if you’re trying to reach a younger audience. You’re less likely to find success reaching teenagers and young professionals through more traditional avenues, like printed adverts and television commercials. And this can be quite overwhelming for many startups, and even larger companies, who suddenly have to pivot the way of their marketing to reach a new audience.

The global pandemic has only made advertising more tricky, particularly as so much as riding on your ability to effectively reach new audiences. With so many businesses collapsing as a result of the lockdown, you have to ensure that you pick the right marketing to properly engage with your customers. So what is the future of marketing campaigns? How do you ensure that you reach your target audience? Is it enough to just post on social media? How do you turn strategies into actual engagement? 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or you just like a helping hand, then give our team at Brand Culture a call today. We are specialists in facilitating brand activation marketing campaigns, which often involves bringing together an event with a brand to reach new audiences and improve reputations. To help you navigate this change, we’ve put together a few ideas of the direction we think that you should go with your marketing campaign.

  • Meet your Customer in the Real World

Marketing is incredibly particular to your specific audience. You need to convey your brand message and the benefits of your products and services without overwhelming or confusing them. This can become quite difficult, particularly if you’re selling a fairly abstract product; like perfume. Everyone knows that perfume adverts don’t make sense. But to be fair to perfume adverts, they are attempting to sell a smell through visuals, so that’s always going to be a little strange to comprehend. 

The reality is, however, that most viewers won’t understand the product anymore at the end of the advert than they did at the beginning, something that you’ll want to avoid if you’re not a perfume brand. Instead, we’d recommend meeting your customer in the real world, using brand activation to engage with your customer base and other potential customer bases.

This could include a brand partnership with an event or another brand, which will allow you to reach a new audience and create an engaging experience for your customers. For example, offering free trials with every purchase or affordable events that customers can enjoy. We feel that this is the future of marketing campaigns because many of the younger generations in particular enjoy being able to do things. Whether that is a free trial for a service or the opportunity to go somewhere, experiential marketing will stick in the memory of many potential customers.

  • Make it Memorable

Marketing should be fun. It should be something that customers want to engage with, otherwise, they’ll start to tune it out. The last thing you want is for your customer to ignore you, so the future of marketing is rooted in interesting and memorable ideas that will be impossible to ignore. 

For example, big karaoke events sponsored by your brand, ball pits or bouncy castles in the park, or even just free samples and offers, are a great way to inject some fun into your marketing campaign. This is another reason why brand activation is so important to marketing, offering the opportunity to tie your brand into an enjoyable experience. 

While you need to bear your audience in mind when deciding how this fun will look like, its role in the future of marketing is undeniable. For more information, give us a call today on +44 (0)207 720 3415.