What is Marketing Communication?

If you’re new to the world of marketing, then you’re probably aware that there is a lot of jargon, all of which will have you reaching for a leading search engine for answers. The idea of marketing communication is no different. After all, isn’t all marketing a form of communication? But don’t fret, because we at Brand Culture are here to help. 

Using our multiple years of experience to help you understand what the industry means by terms like marketing communication. And, most importantly, how you can use it to better your own business. So buckle up, because we’re about to define the meaning of marketing communication and guide you through what it can do for your business, allowing you to grow and develop new and exciting strategies. 

What is Marketing Communication?

Marketing communication is the process of advertising a certain product, sale or service. While this might sound like just another term for advertising, it is actually fairly specific. You’re not really marketing yourself as a brand, you’re marketing a specific product that allows you to reach a specific audience. This means that you’re actually communicating with your desired demographic for a reason. 

What is the Main Aim

The aim of marketing communication depends a lot on your company and what you’re trying to achieve. To put it broadly, you’re attempting to elicit a certain response from your audience. For most companies, the response that you’re trying to elicit is the purchase of your product or services. But this can vary. For example, we facilitated a partnership between the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) and the Trolls movie. 

This campaign wanted to teach children to be more mindful of food waste and the issues that can cause for the world. The response that was elicited, therefore, was mindfulness and education, which helps the UN to reach its goal of reducing food waste. As such, marketing communication can really be designed to create the sort of response that you feel will benefit your business the most.

Why Work with Brand Culture?

  • We Give you a Competitive Edge

When it comes to marketing, there are many voices trying to be heard. You want your voice to rise above the crowd and grab the attention of your potential customers. This can be difficult for a number of reasons, but we can make it easier for you. By facilitating partnerships and encouraging quality marketing communication, we can help you to get that little competitive edge, the one that will allow you to reach the right people and get the right response. 

  • We can Help Improve your Brand Reputation

Much of marketing communication is related to the creation of a specific brand image. This is so important because your brand reputation couldn’t be more important for your success. Your customers want to know that you’re the sort of business that sees itself as a contributing member of society as well as a good business with quality products and services. Investing in marketing communications is the way to do this. 

We can help you to build the brand image that you’re dreaming of. This means helping you to build relationships with your customers and improve your own credibility. Brand partnerships are a great way to do this because not only are you relieving who you are as a business but you’re also showing the sorts of causes and companies that you want to be associated with. So you get a new customer base and you get a better brand reputation.

If you’d like to find out more about marketing communications and how it can help you, feel free to get in touch with us today at +44 (0)207 720 3415.