Want to Explore Unique Marketing Ideas?

Marketing can sometimes feel like a real slog. With the rise of social media and the dominance of 24/7 entertainment, it can sometimes feel like the demand for content is never ending. And if you’re not putting content out, it can feel like you’re not reaching out to new customers and growing your business effectively.

Just putting content out for the sake of marketing can feel monotonous and boring, particularly if you haven’t shaken up your campaign in a while. The solution to this might seem simple; create a new marketing campaign with new content and new ideas. But that brings problems of its own. How should you market it? The market is currently dominated by experiential marketing, something that can feel quite intimidating if you don’t have the right support.

We would love to support you through this. Here at Brand Culture, we are a team of specialists who have worked with experiential marketing for more than twenty years. We can provide you with the support, the advice and the inspiration that you need to create an amazing campaign that will rejuvenate your content and your enthusiasm. 

We’ve worked with all sorts of businesses and brands over the years, creating some incredible campaigns. So if you’re looking for some inspiration, we can bring that to you. These are some of our favourite campaign ideas, all of which have proven themselves to be beneficial for our clients and the campaigns they’ve been working with. 

Below, we have put together some fantastic ideas to help with your marketing strategy;

  • Try Working with Different Platforms

When Netflix came to us to create a unique campaign to celebrate the release of their series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, we knew that something really special could be made of it. We partnered them with Del Monte to create a campaign that combined tropical fruits, wild dinosaurs and adventure. 

Ultimately, this led to the creation of a custom-built, multi-level Dinosaur challenge on its own platform, which included exclusive AR content, badges and rewards. This was a new type of platform for Del Monte, and it gave them the chance to advertise to a new, but important audience of children. Combining this new platform with traditional and social media marketing led to a successful campaign, which benefited both of our clients. 

  • Create Events and Prizes

If you’re looking for something even bigger than a new platform, then you might want to try creating an event to celebrate the launch of a new product or service. Launch parties with press and influencers have been popular for years but creating an event that can be attended and engaged with by your clients and customers might be even more effective.

We created such an event with the collaboration between ROXi and Universal Pictures to celebrate the release of Sing 2. They arranged for a Sing 2 take over of the ROXi platform, complete with exclusive channels and playlists inspired by the movie. This sort of exciting event gave plenty to talk about on their paid social media campaigns and during their collaboration with Cineworld. 

The addition of a prize aspect only added to the appeal of this event. They offered the opportunity for fans to win an exclusive VIP trip to London to see their name in lights at The O2 arena. This sort of promotion is always a great idea for marketing campaigns if you can afford it. Not only does it encourage fans and potential customers to engage with your campaign, but it also gives you the opportunity to gather more data about your customer base. 

This sort of information can help you to continue to shape your marketing strategies in future, offering your customers an increasingly personalised experience.

  • Collaborate with Other Brands

You might have already gathered from this post that our team specialises in facilitating collaborations between companies and brands to create brilliant campaigns. These are a popular choice because they add reach to marketing campaigns, offering the chance to reach a wider audience than you might be able to alone. 

This was clear in the collaboration that we facilitate between Diet Coke and Readly. This campaign offered Diet Coke drinkers the chance to enjoy a two month free subscription to Readly with every purchase. This allowed Readly to reach the large audience of Diet Coke drinkers across the country and it also allowed Diet Coke to benefit from the association with such a subscription. 

They both got to be seen as companies that support relaxation and rejuvenation, reinforcing the reputation they were hoping for. Their collaboration was the key to this success.

How Can These Work for you?

If you’ve been inspired by any of these ideas and want to know more about how they can work best for you, then feel free to get in touch with our team today. We’d be happy to help you create the ideal strategy for your next campaign.