Promoting your Event Through a Brand Partnership

So, you’re planning an event, the launch of a new product or an outreach event of some sort, perhaps. But how do you promote it? Well, there are the usual ways like posting on social media or sending out an email campaign but there are other ways that could be both effective and have a positive impact in the long term. This is a brand partnership. A brand partnership is a collaboration between two or more businesses to help increase their customer base. By sharing resources, both businesses can reach more people and bring in a bigger target audience on a significantly reduced budget. This is the perfect opportunity for you to advertise your event.

Here at Brand Culture, we can help you to promote your event by facilitating the perfect brand partnership for your company. We have years of experience pairing up just the right companies to ensure that they create mutually beneficial relationships and build long term connections. While you might have heard about brand partnerships in the past, we recognise that not everyone has seen or experienced a brand partnership relating to a specific event. So, we want to talk you through just how a partnership can help you to grow awareness of your event.

  • Can Double your Exposure

Whether you’re putting together a conference for your target audience or planning the release of your new product, having a big event is a great way for you to raise awareness of your brand and bring in more appeal. But whatever campaign you might be running, you’ll want to get as much exposure to it as possible. Brand partnerships can really help with this because you’re reaching out to a significantly bigger audience, doubly your potential target audience.

  • Cost-Effective

Advertising for your event can be a big job but it doesn’t have to be as costly as you might imagine. When your company joins with another brand for your event marketing, you’ll effectively be doubling your marketing budget for the project. This means that you have more scope to do something experiential and unique, something that will really get people talking. You also have the chance to double your talent because you’ll be working with the excellent marketing team of another brand. So you can have a far more effective campaign.

  • Gives you Brand Authority

When you choose to collaborate on a brand deal, you’ll be able to create a force behind your campaign that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to make. You’ll have the authority of two companies to push your event. This shows that you mean business and that your event is so good and important that another company is willing to endorse it. 

Establishing this sort of reputation of your own takes a lot of time, but a brand partnership can make it happen significantly faster. As a result, not only will you reach more people, but you’ll also be able to easily convince them that your event is worth attending. It doesn’t really need to be said but this will lead to many more people attending your event and investing in your products and or services. 

Want to Get in Touch with our Team?

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