Introducing Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns

If you’re looking to run an effective marketing campaign, then you’ll want to make sure that you design an omni-channel campaign. This is so important for extending your reach to new customers and for creating a consistent and convenient user experience. But, what do we mean by ‘omni-channel’ and how do you harness this form of marketing to its full potential?

Many of our customers use a level of multi-channel marketing in their campaigns, but this isn’t the same as omni-channel marketing and doesn’t use the strategy to its full potential. Omni-channel occurs when you create a unified campaign that runs consistently through all of your marketing channels. This includes traditional marketing channels like TV and radio, social media, email marketing, websites, and whichever channels you use to reach your customers. 

Managing all of these channels can be quite a challenge but our team at Brand Culture are here to help. We can introduce you to omni-channel marketing, ensuring that you have everything you need to effectively use this strategy to your advantage.

What Does Omni-Channel Marketing Look Like?

This should be a seamless strategy that brings together branding, messaging and touch points to help create a customer-centric culture. It is this customer focus that will lead directly to more successful sales and therefore a higher annual revenue. Here are a few key elements to omni-channel campaigns that you might want to focus on. 

  • A Consistent and Identifiable Brand Tone

Your marketing offers you an opportunity to create an identifiable brand, one that will stick in your customer’s mind, reminding them of you when they need your services. For example, Diet Coke’s association with relaxation was forged through a clever omni-channel campaign while partnered with the reading app Readly. The key to this sort of reputation is a consistent and identifiable tone, allowing customers to get an excellent feel for your brand and its reputation simply by engaging with your marketing. 

  • A Single Journey from Many Channels

The main difference between multi-channel and omni-channel marketing is the way that the campaign is approached. Multi-channel campaigns tend to look to launch campaigns on specific channels and how to funnel the customer from one channel to another. Omni-channel marketing focuses on the journey that your customer might take from one channel to another, eventually landing on your website. 

Consider how your customer might move from one channel to another and work out how you can create the best experience for your consumer to move between them. It is a more customer centric approach than the multi-channel approach, which tends to focus on the product or the campaign itself.

  • A Customer Focused Approach

Here at Brand Culture, we view our campaigns as an opportunity to woo your customers, reaching out to them in a way that feels personal and engaging without bombarding and overwhelming them. Customers these days have marketing forced in their faces at every turn and they’re becoming increasingly selective about who and what they engage with. 

Being aware of this and creating a personalised and refined approach will improve their user experience and their satisfaction. And a satisfied customer is far more likely to order and reorder from your business.

Want to Find out More About Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns?

If you’re looking to shake-up your marketing with an omni-channel marketing campaign, then we’re the people to get in touch with. As a team of specialists, with years of experience working with the giants of many industries, we can help you to get a handle on omni-channel marketing and set you on the path to success. Trying any new strategy can be intimidating, but our support couldn’t make it easier and you’ll be grateful that you took the leap.