How to Create an Effective Marketing Campaign?

Putting together a marketing campaign is a key part of any business, whether you’re a large, global company or a small start-up. The right marketing campaign can stimulate growth and push sales. However, the wrong campaign can do very little for your company or even cause a drop in your customer base. One of the main marketing issues however is that it continually changes as society develops. Advertising campaigns that were effective even just a few years ago are now obsolete or ineffective today.

When creating an effective marketing campaign you have to consider the best ways for you to approach your customers and how that aligns with your aims and objectives. But if you’re unsure about effective strategies and the best way to represent your business then we can help. As one of the country’s leading companies for brand activation, here at Brand Culture we can offer you the help that you need to create an effective marketing campaign. 

We specialise in creating brand partnerships between our customers, which is an effective and popular method of marketing, allowing our clients to reach new customer bases and make the most of their new marketing strategies.

Key Marketing Points to Focus On

  • Define what your Goals are

The key step to creating an effective marketing campaign is to set your goals. What are you trying to achieve? Are you attempting to sell a particular product or do you want to improve brand loyalty and repeat patronage? Your goals will heavily influence the outcome of your marketing campaign and determine what it involves. Brand activation is really useful for most types of marketing campaigns but they are particularly helpful if you are attempting to improve customer loyalty. 

For example, our collaboration between Readly and Diet Coke is an example of a marketing campaign using brand activation to improve brand awareness and customer loyalty. The proposal was when a customer purchases a Diet Coke, they can have a two month free trial for Readly. This is ideal for both companies as it helps to build the reputation of two companies that prioritises the mental health and stress levels of their customers. 

  • Determine your Target Audience

This is an important part of determining your goals but is important enough that you should consider it separately, particularly if you’re planning on reaching out to a new target audience. This is one of those things that does make all the difference when you are planning your marketing campaign, remember different target audiences will have their own reaction to your campaigns. 

Reaching out to an older generation will require more traditional forms of advertising but younger generations, from teenagers to young professionals, will much prefer a more involved and experiential form of marketing. This is why brand activation is becoming so popular, experiences being a memorable form of marketing.

Once you’ve determined these things, we would recommend that you come and visit us at Brand Culture. We can help turn your initial plans into an amazing and effective marketing campaign. With years of experience working with big brands, we can know that we can find you the perfect partnership, a great way for you to make the most of your marketing budget. So why not give us a call today on +44 (0)207 720 3415 for more information.