How Can your Marketing Strategy Impact your Brand Reputation

There are lots of things that go into your brand reputation, like the quality of your products or services, the speed of your services, and your customer service. But you should also take your marketing strategies into account. Everyone knows that your marketing influences how you’re viewed by customers but the long term implications of bad strategy is often overlooked. But in today’s world of social media the impact of a mistake can be damaging for your brand’s reputation, so it’s important that you really consider the impact that your marketing can have on your long term brand reputation. 

Solid marketing practices and a strategy that reflects your brand identity will really aid your business and its future success. If you’re unsure of the best way for you to manage your brand identity and strategies, then we would be happy to support you. We’re Brand Culture, a team of specialists with twenty years of experience behind us. Our work focuses on the creation of brand partnerships, bringing two brands together to create a mutually beneficial strategy that will improve both brand reputations. 

Exploring how Marketing Strategies Have an Impact on your Brand

The rather disastrous Burger King strategy for International Women’s Day, posted the words ‘women belong in the kitchen’ on their Twitter account. In theory this was thought to be a statement of solidarity about women having a place as chefs in professional kitchens. However, this wasn’t clear in any of the promotional material, so it simply read that women should be in the kitchen and their timing on International Women’s Day couldn’t have been worse. 

The backlash was immense. The brand was seen as being either mysoginistic or too stupid to identify the problem with thier statement. Of course, this didn’t lead to Burger King going out of business because the franchise is already a powerhouse. But many smaller businesses will not be so lucky. Mistakes like these will be judged harshly in the social media arena, and they could cost you your business.

But even if you don’t make a mistake, the wrong marketing strategy can seriously affect your reputation and not bring in the customers you need. Most brands are aware of their target audience, but if you get that target audience wrong, then your marketing strategy will be working against you rather than for you. 

For example, if you’re trying to bring in customers who are slightly older (think Elder Gen X and Boomers), then you won’t want to invest heavily in AR experiences and heavy social media advertising (outside of Facebook, of course) because it will be reaching the wrong audience. The wrong audience won’t bring you any sales and it won’t build your reputation in the way you want it to.

How to Avoid a Negative Marketing Strategy

  • Ensure that You Deliver the Right Message

Your brand reputation relies heavily on the message that you’re sending out to your audience. The wrong message, like that of the Burger King tweets, can be incredibly damaging but the right one will bring you the business you want. Ensure that your message connects with your customers, building up a relationship of mutual trust and respect. If you’re worried about the message you’re sending out, then feel free to contact our team. They would be happy to help you to check your messaging and give it the green light. 

  • Connect with your Customer

Take the time to make sure that you have the right target audience and that you know what that audience likes, wants and desires. Check which platforms they’re on and reach out to them that way. This is the best way for you to build a connection with your future customers, allowing you to build relationships and, by extension, your brand’s reputation.

  • Make yourself Reputable

For a truly successful business, you’ll want to create a brand reputation that is memorable, with a reputation for customer care and good quality services. This means that your marketing strategy needs to be backed up by excellent work. Don’t drop the ball on your customers once they’ve made a purchase. 

Remember that a big part of marketing is the complete customer experience. These customers will be the ones leaving reviews and telling their friends about you. This feedback from customers can then be fed back into your marketing strategy and your brand reputation. 

Should you have any questions about marketing strategies or about any of the work that we do, then feel free to get in touch with our team today. We look forward to collaborating with you and growing your brand reputation.