Everything you Need to Know about Field Marketing

Field marketing is the term given to a specific branch of marketing that has become popular in the last few years. The term field marketing specifically refers to the location of the marketing – out in the field. This tends to refer to places like retail locations, events, and other public places rather than social media and other forms of digital marketing. While digital marketing has an important place in marketing, and often takes on most of the work, field marketing is still a vital part of your strategy that should be prioritised. 

There are several different types of field marketing, which you can use to further the aims of your company and campaign. Our team at Brand Culture would be delighted to help you navigate this form of marketing, taking advantage of all it has to offer and vastly improving the success of your campaigns.

How Does Field Marketing Work?

The exact objectives of field marketing really varies from campaign to campaign. It is often a reflection of the needs of your company at the time of the campaign and can be adjusted to appeal to any demographic you might be aiming for. But generally speaking, field marketing is designed to help you to boost your brand visibility and the engagement that you have with your local community. Unlike digital marketing, which often has a wider audience, field marketing focuses on your local area and the role that your business plays within the community.

What Forms of Field Marketing Are Used?

  • Product Demonstrations

Have you ever been strolling around a food festival or a community event and been lured into a booth by the promise of free samples? Then you have found yourself on the receiving end of field marketing. This is a particularly effective technique for food and beverage brands, who really benefit from customers trying some of your products. Don’t worry though, if your business specialises in non-consumables, you’ll still be able to harness this type of field marketing. You’ll be able to provide your potential customers with an engaging demonstration for how your products work.

  • Direct Selling Techniques

Direct selling involves making sales to your customers once you already have their attention. Promotional tables and pop-up shops are a great way for you to catch the attention of your customers but it can be easy for businesses to not take advantage of this opportunity. Making sure that you have enough product with you to sell to potential customers, taking advantage of the interest that they have during events. 

  • Retail Audits

Not every field marketing strategy has to be customer facing though. There are other forms of field marketing that help to audit their traditional marketing materials. Retail audits often include collecting data that describes the way that your products, signage and promotional materials are displayed and the impact that it all has on sales. This can be really useful for understanding the effectiveness of your current marketing strategy and help to send it in a new direction. We’d recommend regularly working through this type of audit, just to make sure that you’re being as effective as possible.

Want to Find Out More?

Brand Culture is the one-stop-shop for all of your marketing needs, from global digital marketing to the closer to home field marketing. If you’re interested in finding out more about the services we can offer you, then get in touch with us today. Our team of experts would be happy to answer any questions you may have and arrange for a consultation at your convenience.