Universal Pictures were looking for a relevant brand partner to help raise awareness of The Addams Family, in cinemas on October 25.

The first feature-length animated outing for the iconic family presented a wonderful opportunity for brands looking to gain cut-through during the busy Halloween marketing occasion, with the kooky Addams characters presenting fun and unusual ways to engage a broad consumer demographic.


The Addams Family IP is widely known for its fun, spooky characters who don’t quite see the world in the way we do. The family actively embraces the odd and the scary and just wouldn’t sleep comfortably any other way! Based on this premise, we re-approached leading mattress-in-a-box DTC retailer OTTY, with whom we partnered on a successful The Secret Life Of Pets 2 campaign, to develop an integrated, tongue-in-cheek Halloween promotion.

Using character-specific, sleep-related lines to bring to life the brand’s features and benefits, OTTY created an online campaign with dozens of creative treatments for digital display and social media advertising to engage consumers during the research, consideration and purchase phases:


‘Fall asleep at the click of a finger’ with Thing

‘Perfect sleep every night of the week…’ with Wednesday

‘A Great Mattress Delivered to your Door’ with Lurch