Can a Brand Partnership Actually Boost Your Sales?

If you’re considering spending money on a brand partnership, then it stands to reason that you want to have some sort of guarantee that the investment will be worth it. Will a partnership actually boost your sales? Of course, there is no guarantee that any marketing strategy will work as successfully as you’re hoping. 

Our team at Brand Culture have seen a lot of success in the campaigns that we have helped to facilitate, and we have no doubt that you will be completely satisfied with the service that we offer you. A brand partnership offers you the opportunity to reach new audiences, and the potential benefits really do outweigh any potential risks. 

What is a Brand Partnership?

A partnership; often known as a brand partnership or a brand collaboration, is an opportunity for you to work closely with another brand or business with the purpose of reaching a new audience and bringing in new customers. This reach works in two ways. One way is by allowing each company the chance to access the other’s audience, which can be particularly useful when your customers are similar in demographic and interest but not the same group of people. 

The other way is through the additional visibility of a joint campaign, which can catch the attention of customers who might never have heard of either company in the past. Making sales is vital for the continued success of your business, whether you’re a startup or a well established company. A brand partnership, therefore, offers you the opportunity to bring in more sales and, by extension, stability. 

How Can Brand Partnerships Boost Your Sales?

Partnerships help to boost your sales because they offer you more reach than you have on your own. They also offer more recognition and more budget, something that you can’t work out on your own. Even if you have a healthy marketing budget, you’ll be able to really benefit from effectively doubling that capacity. A partnership allows you to achieve marketing ideas that you might never have even dreamed of, the sort of marketing campaigns that stay in the consumers subconscious long after the campaign has finished. The potential is quite limitless. 

One example of this sort of partnership in action is the campaign that we arranged between Del Monte and Netflix, which culminated in the creation of a digital experience for their customers with a custom, multi-level ‘Dinosaur Challenge’ game that included AR content, badges and rewards. This sort of large scale campaign is far more feasible when more than one marketing team is working on it. The Del Monte x Netflix collaboration was incredibly successful and you have the potential for that sort of success with your collaboration as well.

You’ll also be doubling your team size, which is particularly useful because another team can offer you a revitalised sense of creativity and a fresh way of thinking. You can also offer the same to your partner, which can be the catalyst for some really interesting and unique experiential marketing. The more unique the campaign and collaboration is, the more that it will be noticed by potential customers and remembered in the future.

Ready to Take your Business to the Next Level?

If you’re ready to boost your sales and reach your full potential as a business, then you’re ready to try a brand partnership. And if you’re ready for a brand partnership, then you’re ready to work with Brand Culture. While you can potentially find a brand partner by yourself, working with a team of professionals, who have worked with big names like Diet Coke, Netflix, Energiser and DreamWorks Animation, can make this so much easier. Contacting our team will put you on the path to brand partnership success, especially with our years of experience and hardwon skills at your disposal.