Boost your Brand with an Entertainment Partnership

If you’re looking to make sure that your business stands out from the crowd, then you might want to consider an entertainment partnership. An entertainment partnership differs from normal co-branding because it involves partnering with a particular event or film release rather than the company itself. Aligning yourself with a big film release can be transformative and can catapult your brand into eyeline of the general public.

Entertainment partnerships are what we do best here at Brand Culture. We’ve worked with brands of all sizes, helping to boost their reputation with the help of the right entertainment company. The general buzz around films and events make entertainment brands an ideal choice for many companies, especially those who are planning to launch new products or services. 

What are the Benefits of an Entertainment Partnership?

  • They Help Add Personality to your Brand

You’ve probably noticed the recent trend of brands having a bit of a personality. It’s very much a result of the rise of social media and the expectation for brands and companies to relate to and communicate with their customers in a very down to earth manner. These days companies are expected to almost be a celebrity presence, with a personality and a presence. And this can be quite intimidating for many companies.

But an entertainment partnership can help you to build this sort of personality because you’re aligning yourself with the entertainment industry, which is full of big personalities. Whether you’re choosing to partner with an upcoming film release, a large sporting event, or some other entertainment company, you’re aligning yourself with the image of these events. Your customer will be able to get to know you a bit through these campaigns and promotions, learning more about how you want to be viewed.

One example of this is when Diet Coke wanted to be viewed as the go-to drink to have during a break. They came to us looking for an entertainment partnership and we paired them with Readly, an app that offers their clients access to hundreds of magazines. The promotion offered customers a two month free trial to Readly with select purchases. This campaign was nothing short of a triumph and it solidified Diet Coke’s status as a relaxing beverage. 

  • Reach ‘Awkward’ Target Audiences

Are you trying to reach a customer base of young mothers for example, who have little enough time to be scrolling through social media or consuming non-child related media? Are you trying to reach the boomer generation, who have generally rejected much that social media can offer them? There are a variety of target audiences that can be defined as ‘awkward’ to reach because of the situations they’re in but that doesn’t mean they’re impossible to connect with. Entertainment partnerships can actually help to facilitate your outreach, bridging the gap between you and those awkward target audiences.

One example of this that our team has worked on is the collaboration between The Cheeky Panda and Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight. The Cheeky Panda is an excellent brand that sells sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives for paper kitchen rolls and baby wipes. Their main target audience is stay at home parents, who will get the most use out of these sorts of products but might have very little time to engage with the company online.

By connecting them with the Kung Fu Panda franchise, we allowed the film to do a lot of the advertising for them. Kung Fu Panda is a particularly successful franchise that is popular with children. As a result, these children noticed the Kung Fu Panda branding on The Cheek Panda’s packaging, bringing it to the attention of their parents, who were more likely to purchase their products (particularly when they noticed their sustainability and environmentally friendly nature).

Want to Start an Entertainment Partnership?

We hope this post has been insightful and helped peak your interest. We have more than 20 years of experience working in the industry behind us and our team won’t settle for just any old entertainment partnership. We will take the time to really get to know your business, making sure that the partnership will really help to boost your brand and reach your target audience, even if that’s a little difficult. Why not reach out to us today and start your entertainment partnership with Brand Culture.