Are you Making the Most Out of your Film Partnership?

So, you’re planning to partner with a film studio to celebrate the release of their latest blockbuster. This is a great opportunity for your business to help boost visibility and sales. But if you don’t act adeptly, this film partnership will only really benefit your partner. You’re not navigating your film partnership on your own, you have the support of the team at Brand Culture with you. Film partnerships is one of our specialisms and we would be happy to offer you the advice that you need to make the most out of the agreement.

Ensure you Have Defined the Rules of the Partnership

This is the first step of any partnership but it’s vital when you’re working in a film partnership as you’ll both have vastly different responsibilities and commitments. Your agreement should detail what the plan is for your partnership and what both sides will be bringing to it. It’s important for you to remember at this point in the proceedings that film studios are incredibly protective about their films. This is understandable because they have spent hundreds of millions of pounds on these productions and they only really have one opportunity to recoup that money. But just because they’re investing a lot into the release doesn’t mean that they should dominate the partnership. 

Make Sure you Maintain the Value for your Business

Establishing from the outset what you are and are not willing to do and be careful not to be undertaken from the beginning. It is important for you to keep your value up. Film partnerships are usually quite heavily weighted to benefit the studio simply because they will be doing less work during the campaign. But you can make sure that you keep value for your brand by negotiating for access to the film’s imagery and prizes in the form of film merchandise. This will ensure that you’re not losing out during your partnership, allowing you to maximise the value of your film partnership.

Prepare to be Flexible

One of the biggest challenges of film partnerships is being flexible. The film studio you work with may not have fully confirmed the release date for their film and the date may well be pushed back for a number of reasons that cannot be controlled. This is something that you’ll want to be aware of when you plan your partnership and be prepared to be flexible with your schedule whenever possible. Your partnership is focused on making sure that both your brand and the film get the most exposure possible, so you’ll benefit from this flexibility as well.

Ensure you Leave Time for Approval

Once you’ve agreed on the exact definition of your partnership, you’ll want to get started on the marketing material. The materials that you create will vary entirely on the plans that you have for your film partnership but often it includes TV commercials, radio advertisements, press advertising, dedicated campaign websites, and social media. It’s important for you to get this done as quickly as possible because it will all need to be approved by the higher-ups in the film industry before you release it. This is typical of film partnerships and it can take some time to get the green light for the marketing materials. 

Ready to Invest in Film Partnerships?

If you’re ready to start a film partnership, get in touch with our team today. We are leading experts in the industry and we know that we can help you find the ideal partnership for your needs and help you to make the most of the collaboration from start to finish.