A few BCers who are lucky enough to be single went out to celebrate Galentine’s Day last night and it got us thinking: when it comes to Passion Point marketing, we’re all familiar with brands helping consumers celebrate and enjoy the things they love – like music, sport, films and travel. But what about brands effectively helping people celebrate the absence of passion?

Galentine’s Day, on 13th February, has become quite a thing since it was first coined over 10 years ago on cult comedy TV series Parks and Recreation, establishing itself as something of a ‘hallmark holiday’ in its own right. And wherever consumers group together and create cultural waves, brands are never far behind, with restaurants, bars and retail chains all seeing a marketing opportunity to target relationship-free consumers, with Burger King, Domino’s, Cineworld and All Bar One being examples.

Deep down, though, everyone ultimately wants to love and be loved. So brands need to tread a fine line between celebrating singledom, which is to be applauded, and celebrating the absence of passion, which is surely a stretch too far – even for the most vehement singleton.