Chicago Town’s Jurassic Prize Give Away



The dinosaurs of Jurassic World have been unleashed onto limited edition packs of Chicago Town pizza.

Brand Culture have worked with Dr Oetker-owned pizza brand Chicago Town, the UK’s leading thin and crispy frozen pizza brand, to develop an integrated partnership with the JURASSIC WORLD Blu-Ray and DVD release, out October 19th.

Until the end of November, millions of limited edition packs featuring the Jurassic World dinosaurs are available to buy in all major grocers and convenience stores.

The integrated campaign, which offers consumers the chance to win 1000s of Battling Hasbro Dinosaurs with six different toys to collect, is also being supported by a heavyweight TV campaign.

Jurassic World roared into cinemas back in June, where it went on to gross £65.8m in the UK alone. It’s now the 3rd biggest movie of all time.