Monthly Archives: February 2012

GNR’s Appetite for Self-Destruction

Let’s hope for Amex that their promotion of Guns N Roses’ forthcoming UK tour is memorable – and for all the right reasons. The tour, which kicks off on 19 […]

Are You Being Served?

Hoping to emulate the success of period drama Downton Abbey, ITV1 has confirmed its studios will be making a new Edwardian drama about the American founder of London’s famous department […]

On Location with BMX Boy (Part 3)

In the third in our series of exclusive behind the scenes videos, BMX Boy’s producer Amy Mathieson talks about the challenges involved in getting an independent 3D feature length movie […]

Undercover Gorillaz marketing is easy to spot

Forget graffiti and flash mobs. Damon Albarn’s musical and visual project, Gorillaz, are back and they’re hard not to miss. Shoe brand Converse have partnered with the band to offer […]

Brand in Glove

The last couple of years have seen Gap clothing run a few promotions themed around forthcoming family cinema releases. Back in October it was The Adventures of Tintin and now […]

Brand Love’s not just for a day

It’s Valentines Day and all around the world people are making that extra bit of effort to make their loved ones happy. On this day of all days, the pressure’s […]

Video Games: more creative than reading

Lucy Prebble, the young playwright best known for her satire, Enron, has championed video games’ ability to stimulate creativity. Prebble, who grew up computer and video game literate thanks to […]

Fans help fund new The Libertines movie

The Libertines are the latest music artists to embrace a more cross-discipline approach to marketing and monetising their content. Last year, the likes of Björk and Kylie used innovative apps […]

On location with BMX Boy

Here’s the latest video from Amy Mathieson of Jet Set Films and producer of BMX BOY 3D – a film that explores the real–life, explosive world of British BMX racing […]

Zumo’s Swashbuckler Smoothie

To celebrate the release of The Three Musketeers on DVD on February 27th, we’ve developed a campaign with Zumo, the largest juice & smoothie bar chain in Europe. Promoting the […]